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Interview mit HAREM SCAREM

Hellfire-Franky: Can you tell when you write a song if it's going to be a # 1 hit?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: You definitely get a feeling about certain songs and their potential as far as radio is concerned. There seems to be a pretty narrow window of what works well on certain formats so when you have a great song and it fits into those specific boundaries the sky is the limit.

Hellfire-Franky: Are you already planning on a new CD or DVD in the future?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: We have been talking about a few different things like a DVD history of the band and an acoustic c.d. of some of the fan favourites.

Hellfire-Franky: Who writes the songs in your band?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: I write all the material with Pete ( the guitar player ). In the past we have done some co-writing but for the most part it's Pete and myself.

Hellfire-Franky: How many CDs have you produced so far?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: This is our 11th Studio recording and we have had over 30 releases around the world with special Japanese releases including best of's, live records and so on.

Hellfire-Franky: Where would you rather perform on stage, in an open or closed stadium?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: Both have their good points but I would choose closed stadium because of the sound.

Hellfire-Franky: Who inspired you?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: I was inspired by 70's and 80's rock like AC/DC, Judas Priest, Queen and Boston.

Hellfire-Franky: Do you have any prefer Artists or Bands?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: No just quality. I don't really care what kind of music it is as long as it's great.

Hellfire-Franky: For how long have you been making music?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: Professionally since I was 15, I started in a band called " Blind Vengeance " and then when I was 19 I formed " Harem Scarem " and we have been doing it ever since.

Hellfire-Franky: What was the first instrument you started to play?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: I guess it was guitar and then I try drums and moved on to bass, so I tried it all early on and then ended up singing.

Hellfire-Franky: Do you guy's have your own web-site?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: Yes, it's: please check it out!!!!

Hellfire-Franky: Who is your role model?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: I don't know but I have definitely have been influenced by a few key people along the way throughout my life.

Hellfire-Franky: Of the music you have written, which is your favorite song?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: That changes from time to time but today it would be "Hanging On".

Hellfire-Franky: Is there anything you would like to tell the reader's of our magazine?

Harry Hess, Harem Scarem: I hope you like the new record and thanks to the fans that have stuck with us all these years!!!!

Hellfire-Franky: Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and good luck in all you do.


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Besonderer Dank an Oliver Häusler der dieses Interview ermöglichte
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